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Sweets made with pickled plums in syrup for a variety of uses

UME SWEET Mariage was created by a pickled plum (umeboshi) manufacturer in Kishu, Wakayama Prefecture, which is known as one of Japan’s famous plum production sites, in hopes of preserving the umeboshi tradition in a way that suits modern dietary habits. Naturally sweet umeboshi plums made from the highest quality “Kishu Nanko plums” were soaked in three types of syrups: strawberry, mango and maple. They can be simply enjoyed as a sweet, or in a variety of ways, such as mixing them with a dressing or paired with soda or hot water. The richly melting texture of the fruit as well as the natural acidity of the Kishu Nanko plums offer a brand new taste of umeboshi while completely overturning the image of umeboshi as pickles.

Winner’s Voice

Umeboshi is a traditional Japanese pickle. Umeboshi made of Kishu Nanko plums are known for their superior quality. UME SWEET Mariage was produced after much trial and error so that even those who do not like sour tastes can enjoy umeboshi.

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2017 1st session Award for Products
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