Maruso Co., Ltd. (Wakayama)

This gift set of healthy beverages combining plum and vinegar was created by Maruso Co., Ltd, a long-established umeboshi (pickled plums) producer in the Kishu area of Wakayama Prefecture renowned for the production of plums. Black vinegar, made from barley, local natural water of Tomita, Wakayama, and fermentation micro-organisms, are combined with plum vinegar, which is full of active ingredients that help people recover from fatigue and reduce blood pressure. Honey and maple syrup are added to make it mild and easier to drink for those who aren’t accustomed to drinking black vinegar, which is often considered to have a strong sour taste. Now two health foods, plum and black vinegar, can be conveniently enjoyed as a tasty drink. With this product, the company aims to convey Japanese food culture to the world and establish its position as a wine-like non-alcoholic beverage.

Winner’s Voice

By combining the juice of plum, an important ingredient in Japanese food culture, with black vinegar, we offer a product to people around the world that is a tasty drink to enjoy like wine, but also a non-alcoholic healthy beverage.

Maruso Co., Ltd.


2017 4th session Award for Products
Net weight
JPY3,000 (excluding tax)