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Dressings full of Tokushima's specialties brought right to the table

These dressings were made to share the goodness of the specialties of Tokushima Prefecture: sudachi citrus, Naruto kintoki and Naruto seaweed. Both the skin and the pulp of the sudachi citrus are used, offering a refreshing acidity. The Naruto kintoki is cooked slowly, drawing out its sweet, mild taste. The Naruto seaweed stems are roughly chopped so the texture can be fully enjoyed. Salt and sugar made in Japan are added to those ingredients to further emphasize the flavor of these specialties. To bring out the full flavor of the ingredients, our recipe is kept simple and doesn’t use any coloring, sweeteners or preservatives. Each product is almost completely handmade, save for the use of blenders. Use them as a twist for main dishes such as meat or fish, and enjoy the goodness of all that Tokushima has to offer.

Winner’s Voice

It is our policy not to add anything that is not necessary and to keep the recipe simple in order to bring out the rich, bold flavors of our ingredients. We adjust our production methods depending on the harvest and production season, ensuring the best color, smell and flavor throughout the year, as this is our form of omotenashi.

2017 5th session Japan Post Online Shop Award
Naruto Kintoki Dip
Tokushima Sudachi Citrus Vinaigrette
Tokushima Sudachi Hot Citrus Vinaigrette with Green Chili Pepper
Naruto Wakame Stem Dressing
Naruto Kintoki Dip 800 JPY
Tokushima Sudachi Citrus Vinaigrette, Tokushima Sudachi Hot Citrus Vinaigrette with Green Chili Pepper,
Naruto Wakame Stem Dressing 800 JPY
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