Herbal green tea/Herbal Japanese tea

Listplus., Co. Ltd (Tokyo)

NEWE is a green tea made by blending herbs and fruits with tea leaves grown organically in Shizuoka Prefecture. The tea is made by blending new varieties of tea leaves from the prefecture with various fruits and herbs such as yuzu citrus, mandarin oranges, lavender and rose, so that those who do not like the bitter taste of green tea can also enjoy it. While it boasts a rich aroma and vivid color, it is made without perfumes. Each tea comes in different colorful packages, which can be also used as coasters, making them a perfect gift. Additionally, it comes with a card so you can write a gift message. This colorful, flavorful tea that features natural aromas will be appreciated as a new style of Japanese green tea that is suitable for souvenirs or as a wedding gift.

Winner’s Voice

We developed this new green tea blend with the intention of provide an exquisite Japanese green tea that could be given as a gorgeous gift. The tea leaves come in tea bags so that anyone can easily enjoy the authentic flavor of tea without having to use a teapot. Blended with herbs and fruits, our teas offer a beautiful taste with less bitterness.

Listplus., Co. Ltd



2017 3rd session Award for Products
Net weight
Each of the 18 kinds has a unique package design
JPY450, JPY1,450 (a set of three), JPY1,800 (a set of four), JPY3,300-3,600 (a set of eight)
*All excluding tax