natoha Natural Black Carrot Tea

Lifet Co., Ltd.(Tokyo)

100% Okinawan organic tea made from superfood black carrot and natural herbs

Blending superfood black carrots and herbs organically grown in tropical Okinawa, natoha Natural Black Carrot Tea is infused with health and beauty-enhancing nutrients. The ingredients have been carefully narrowed down to just three to fully bring out the black carrots’ natural sweetness and rich flavor. All ingredients are produced in Okinawa and processed at a facility with HACCP certification, an internationally-recognized food safety management system. The caffeine-free* tea can be enjoyed by all ages, including expecting mothers and small children. Packaged in boxes featuring traditional Japanese patterns with a modern twist, the tea comes in three types, each combining black carrots with organic herbs: BEAUTY (hibiscus and shell ginger), RELAX (lemongrass and aloe) and CLEANSE (green tea and Okinawa turmeric).

*CLEANSE contains a small amount of caffeine derived from green tea.

Winner’s Voice

With the aim to create a product people can happily recommend to family and friends, we devoted two years to develop this natural black carrot tea, which is made solely from black carrots and herbs grown with great care in an organic environment in Okinawa. We hope that you find this vegetable and herbal tea, rich in natural flavor and aroma, both enjoyable and relaxing.

Lifet Co., Ltd.
2017 1st session Award for Products
10 bags per box
JPY1,400 (excluding tax)