BYBB towel

LifeRing Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

The inspiration for BYBB towels came from an individual caring for his elderly parents. They were developed with the desire to make towels and sheets that could break down and neutralize odors instead of having to rely on temporary solutions like sprays or fragrances. BYBB towels are made using high-quality Imabari towels produced in the towel-famous town of Imabari in Ehime Prefecture. Odor-neutralizing capabilities are added to the very fibers of these plush towels, helping to completely eliminate any offensive, pungent odor. Moreover, the towels themselves are odor-free and boast a durability that means they can be enjoyed and washed again and again. BYBB towels liberate users from the negative stress of unpleasant smells and provide a positive experience by empowering users to use their five senses elsewhere and enjoy life a bit more. This product is created in the fervent hope that it will enrich the lives of users – whether by allowing them to cherish the smile of a loved one or not waste energy on trivial matters of odor – and simultaneously embody and convey the spirit of omotenashi to the world, in the form of a simple towel.

Winner’s Voice

We hope that anti-odor BYBB towels will enrich your every day by letting you concentrate a bit more on the world around you and see things that until now might have gone unnoticed – whether that be the rich sounds around you, a gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun or the smile of someone special – instead of being preoccupied about how your towels smell.

LifeRing Co., Ltd.



2017 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Hand towel: Approximately 34cm x 45cm
Guest towel: Approximately 34cm x 95cm
Muffler towel: Approximately 20cm x 120cm
Hand towel: Available in two colors (white, walnut)
Guest towel: Available in two colors (white, walnut)
Muffler towel: Available in two colors (walnut, blue)
Hand towel JPY1,600 (excluding tax)
Guest towel JPY2,800 (excluding tax)
Muffler towel JPY1,800 (excluding tax)

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