Furano milk pudding

Le Nord Inc.(Hokkaido)

A smooth pudding made with local ingredients from Hokkaido that lets you enjoy a variety of tastes and textures.

Furano milk pudding is baked using rich Furano milk, fresh eggs and beet sugar that offers a vegetal sweetness, all from Hokkaido. The use of non-homogenized Furano milk makes the cream rise to the top when the pudding is baked, allowing you to taste the different layers of pudding: the first layer is rich and creamy and the second layer becomes softer and smoother. When reaching the bottom caramel layer, the taste changes again, offering a variety of tastes and textures in a single pudding. A small Furano milk bottle is used as a container. While the pudding has a cute appearance, the thickness of glass bottle actually provides excellent thermal conductivity, making it ideal for baking the pudding. This is a tasty pudding that you can enjoy all the way to the end, making it a perfect local omotenashi gift for your loved ones.

Winner’s Voice

We deliver delicious food from Furano in Hokkaido, where the tastiest ingredients are born, to the whole country.

Le Nord Inc.
2017 3rd session Award for Products
One bottle: JPY300
Set of 4: JPY1,200
Set of 6: JPY1,800
(All excluding tax)