Kyoden, Inc. (Kyoto)

KUROZANGAWA × JUNKINPAKU NAGAZAIFU is a genuinely Japan-made product. It uses Kurozan leather, or “samurai leather,” which was used in armor during ancient times and nowadays in quality protective gear for kendo (Japanese fencing). The same pure gold foil covering the walls of Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto, which is registered as a World Cultural Heritage site decorates the inner part of the wallet. Kurozan is produced with a method deeply related to Japanese culture that combines the traditional techniques of tanning and lacquering. After the surface of leather is embossed, urushi lacquer is applied several times manually while the blue part is indigo dyed. A wallet is more than just an item to carry your money; it can lead to a positive evaluation of the user. It is also like your “partner” that can help you set and aim for a goal. As an accessory, a “wish bag” to write down your wish is enclosed so that you can carry it in the wallet like a lucky charm to achieve a goal. The wallet is infused with the hope of providing opportunities for the user to live a more fulfilling life.

Winner’s Voice

We strive to add high values to our products by utilizing our network and in-house production capabilities, which we have nurtured over 12 years of experiences as a casual wear manufacturer specialized in Japanese materials and technology. It took us time to launch our new leather goods brand because we sought to produce it in-house; but we finally have the production system in place. As we aim to focus on marketing activities going forward, we hope this award may spur growth of the new brand.

Kyoden, Inc.


2017 4th session Award for Products
W195mm × D24mm × H95mm
JPY39,800 (excluding tax)