Periodontic Care Roll Brush

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Periodontic Care Roll Brush RUNDA is a new type of toothbrush that enables effective oral health care by simply rolling it over the teeth and gums. With the aim of making a toothbrush for thorough oral health care that can be used easily by all ages, 16,000 ultra-fine (0.076mm in diameter) bristles are used: nearly 20 times the number used for a regular toothbrush. The spinning round brush made with ultra-fine and soft bristles, lets you remove plaque by capillary action. In addition, it cleans the periodontal pockets, which are hard to reach with a normal toothbrush, while also serving as a tongue cleaner. No toothpaste is needed as the ultra-fine bristles can remove plaque effectively on their own. Maintaining good oral health is important to the overall health of your body, and this new type of toothbrush that functions in multiple ways to help improve your dental care is recommended as a tool for maintaining total health.

Winner’s Voice

We are engaged in product development with the hope of helping people lead healthier and longer lives. Although life expectancy is increasing on a global basis owing to the advancement in medical care and diet, unfortunately, not so many people can live healthy lives to the last. We would like to offer our omotenashi to people by supporting their oral health care and preventing periodontal disease.

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2017 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Normal size: H216mm×W50mm×D20mm
Mini size: H176mm×W43mm×D18mm
Available in two colors (Pink, Blue)
Wide brush: available in one color
Single brush, normal size JPY800
Twin brush, normal size JPY1,000
Single brush, mini size JPY750
Twin brush, mini size JPY950
Wide brush for tongue JPY1,200
*All excluding tax

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