fuscoma. 「to」「ki」

Kuroha hyouguten Ltd. (Kanagawa)

Creative Japanese style furniture, the fuscoma series was created using Japanese traditional fusuma (the panel that separates rooms), with the goal of spreading the demand for sliding door style furnishings. Solid Akita cedar is used for the frame of the doors. Taking into account washi’s (traditional Japanese paper) sensitivity to friction, “chiri-otoshi,” a technique used in fusuma door pulls that prevents dust from collecting, is applied to the body. Furthermore, the door pulls are designed to open and close without touching the fusuma, preventing damage. Fusuma tends to be in limited use in Japanese-style rooms, but by using various kinds of washi paper in the design, the pieces are more adaptable to Western style rooms. It is a product that displays the unique Japanese fusuma style, suitable not only for the home, but also for hotels frequented by foreign tourists.

Winner’s Voice

Although fuscoma is categorized as furniture, it is designed and manufactured with the idea that it is fusuma – traditional Japanese sliding panels. It is our pleasure to touch the heart of many people through traditional Japanese techniques, such as Japanese washi paper, by bringing fusuma into spaces other than traditional Japanese-style rooms with our product.

Kuroha hyouguten Ltd.


2017 3rd session Award for Products
fuscoma. “to”
Low-type: H290mm x W1800mm x D450mm
High-type: H515mm x W1800mm x D450mm

fuscoma. “ki”
H950mm x W850mm x D350mm

fuscoma. “to”: 55kg
fuscoma. “ki”: 22kg
Common for fuscom. “to” and “ki”
Frame: Wood (three types: walnut, black cherry, oak)
Fusuma: A wide array of finish is possible through the combination of washi type and pasting design
Starting from JPY300,000 per item