CHEESE FUNA-SUSHI from Shiga Prefecture is arranged in a contemporary style together with chefs and sommeliers at French and Italian restaurants. Funa-sushi, which is a traditional dish that has been handed down in Shiga Prefecture for more than 1,000 years, is said to be the origin of sushi. Funa-sushi is made using nigoro-buna (Carassius auratus grandoculis), which is indigenous to Japan’s ancient Lake Biwa, fermented with salt and rice. Funa-sushi consumption is limited due to its strong smell, but by combining it with a unique cheese that was created to complement the taste and aroma of the fish, the dish has a flavor and texture similar to raw ham. Low in calories and delicious, CHEESE FUNA-SUSHI pairs well with sake as well as with wine and whisky. It is a slow food that reflects traditional recipes developed over more than 1,000 years, while catering to contemporary eating habits and modern tastes.

Winner’s Voice

One of the world's oldest ancient lakes, Lake Biwa has evolved a unique biological system over hundreds of thousands of years. This, combined with local rice cultivation culture, has created a fermented food culture called funa-sushi, which is said to be the origin of sushi. We have created CHEESE FUNA-SUSHI, which combines history and umami with innovative techniques, so that this ancient tradition can be easily enjoyed in a modern day setting, anywhere in the world.




2017 3rd session Award for Products
Net weight
Five pieces
JPY500/package (excluding tax)