Midori Kobayashi Bamboo Project(Niigata)

A bag made from traditional bamboo basket materials that will last 100 years

This unique bag incorporates the traditional bamboo basket of Agano, Niigata Prefecture, into modern everyday goods. Following the passing of the craftsman who maintained the local Kobayashi Midori Bamboo Basket Shop, the idea for this product emerged so as to prevent a traditional technique from being forgotten. Jinchiku, a local species of bamboo growing in Mount Gozu, is used as the material. It is light, durable and flexible, and has anti-bacterial and odor-resistant properties, as well as extreme breathability. It is also an eco-friendly material that grows back quickly when cut. Bamboo baskets are said to last for 100 years, and the color of a young bamboo transforms to a richer, dark-reddish brown with use. The inner bags and leather straps, both offered in five different colors, are detachable from the woven basket frame, so users can enjoy choosing from 25 different color combinations. This is a product that is a splendid collaboration of tradition and modern culture.

Winner’s Voice

In order to pass on the 300-year-old techniques of bamboo basket weaving to the next generation, our mission is to continue making these bamboo baskets. Because each bag is handmade, we ask for your understanding if you have to wait for your order. We weave each bag with the utmost care, keeping our customers in mind. Through using the product, we hope you will also have fun imagining where the bamboo came from, how it was blown in the wind in the mountains, and how it was weaved and turned into such an intricate bag.

Midori Kobayashi Bamboo Project
2017 5th session Award for Products
Inner bag: 5 colors
Handle/shoulder straps: 5 colors
JPY42,000 (excluding tax)