K.K.R2 (Tokyo)

The Roiness series is a nutritious retort pouch pet food designed for senior dogs and cats. All production processes are handled domestically. Each ingredient is cooked and processed carefully every day at a factory in Fukuoka by chefs with over 10 years of experience in cooking pet food. The ingredients are simmered in chicken broth and supplemented with nutrients like alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3), an essential fatty acid, as well as antioxidant vitamins that become increasingly important as your pet ages. The foods are finished in a porridge style so that pets with weakened digestive systems or appetites can enjoy them as well. Cats and dogs are generally said to enter their senior years around age seven. Similar to humans, the lifespan of pets is also becoming longer, so taking care of their diet according to their age is essential for long and healthy lives. The Roiness series seeks to support the healthy lives of your pets so that you can enjoy your time together for as long as possible.

Winner’s Voice

The Roiness series was born from the idea of supporting pet owners who want to keep their senior cats and dogs healthy for as long as possible, as the number of older pets is on an increase in Japan. The brand name is “(s)senior” spelled backwards, which represents our concept.



2017 2nd session Award for Products
Net weight
For dogs: 80/150/300g
For cats: 80/150g
For dogs: JPY250(80g) JPY352(150g) JPY519(300g)
For cats: JPY287 (80g), JPY417 (150g)
*All excluding tax
For dogs: Recipes: Chicken, horse meat, venison, sardine and white fish
For cats: Recipes: Chicken, silver-stripe round herring, sardine and white fish