Yuzugoshow, named for yuzu kosho (yuzu citrus chili paste), was brought to life through a manufacturing technology that has been passed down over many years. Dedicated to yuzu kosho production for over 50 years, KAWAHARA CORPORATION focuses on selecting ingredients based in Saga Prefecture so that they can be processed while still fresh. The yuzu citrus fruits cultivated in the most pristine growing environment and the chili peppers that have been well selected from the seeds are both raised with no agrichemicals. By combining these ingredients, the elegant taste of Yuzugoshow was produced. Because it can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer, less salt is needed for preservation, thereby achieving a moderate pungency. Yuzugoshow lets you enjoy the zesty accent and a slight scent of yuzu citrus while emphasizing the original taste of the food. Recommended for adding an extra flavor to your dishes, or for serving as a condiment to spice up sashimi, tofu and other foods as an alternative to wasabi.

Winner’s Voice

We use ingredients produced by growers with whom we have established a trusting relationship. Fresh ingredients are taken to a factory and processed with the latest technology. We boast a manufacturing technology of yuzukosho that has been handed down for some 50 years. Also, in order to keep provding the best products, we constantly strive to continue evolving while getting feedback from professional chefs.



2017 4th session Award for Products
Net weight
Green Yuzugoshow,Red Yuzugoshow,Yellow Yuzugoshow
From JPY600 (excluding tax)