A real hand saw with pop art–inspired designs that can be easily used in the home.

Utilities is a hand saw created for everyday use by women and children, with attractive designs and safe storage features, yet offering all the sharpness and functionality of an authentic hand saw. It was created by Kawabe Seimitsu Kogyo, a manufacturer of professional cutting tools, in response to concerns such as, the bare saw blade being dangerous, hand saws being large and difficult to use, and hand saws being hard to store in the home. The length of the hand saw is less than 30cm, allowing easy handling, while the protective cover offers safety and prevents the blade from rusting. The handle grip provides stability and prevents your hand from slipping during use. In addition to the three variations in craft, wood and metal, the body color is decorated in pastel colors on a white base, so it will fit naturally with most home decors. Whether you need to break down bulky waste material or you need a hand saw for outdoor work, this product should make hand saws accessible to all generations in a wide range of settings.

Winner’s Voice

Often you find yourself needing something more than scissors or a utility knife. Our goal is to bring the hand saw out of the toolbox and into the living room. Instead of using a conventional hand saw that is too big, and is often left to rust in the toolbox, we offer a product that is small, safe and fun to use. It is a real, high quality hand saw, manufactured by a company that has been making professional tools for many years.

2017 3rd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
For metal, for wood, and for craft
JPY2,800 (excluding tax)