Genshu Kashiwazakari Sugao

Katayama Shuzo Co., Ltd.(Tochigi)

Dry and crisp Japanese sake that carries on the 100-year tradition of brewing to the present day

Since its founding in 1880 in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, Katayama Shuzo has been carrying on the tradition of the traditional “Sase style shibori,” a squeezing method that boasts a 100-year history, to produce unfiltered Japanese sake. Compared with the automated pressing machines, this technique involves an immense amount of time and effort. Even so, Katayama Shuzo has remained faithful to the traditional method as machine pressing may undermine the flavor and taste of sake. Genshu Kashiwazakari Sugao, which is undiluted and unpasteurized, has been produced by collecting the drips of sake with minimum off-note flavors and bottling them without filtering or heat treatment. While most of Japanese sake is sold in 1.8-liter bottles, Sugao is provided in 720-milliliter bottle in response to the requests from customers who prefer a smaller bottle so that they can finish it up. The bottle is also designed to enable carrying without the use of an outer box. Its fresh aroma before drinking and the great “nodogoshi,” or the sensation when it passes through the throat, makes it an ideal sake that can be recommended to men and women alike.

Winner’s Voice

We use traditional “Sase” pressers and carefully press each hand-packed moromi bag to extract sake. By letting the sake be extracted with as little pressure as possible, it allows us to produce pure, undiluted sake with fresh “kuchiatari,” or impact. We are committed to upholding the tradition of the Echigo Toji (a group of sake brewing masters in Niigata) to deliver a delicious, genuine flavor, which only sake that is carefully crafted by human hands can offer.

Katayama Shuzo Co., Ltd.
2017 5th session Award for Products
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