Tateshina Kaorukaze

Tateshinanokaze Co., Ltd. (Nagano)


Visitors can enjoy creative cuisine made with fresh mountain vegetables that are not available in urban areas. The dishes use local ingredients, such as seasonal wild plants and local premium beef, in abundance.

In summertime, step outside to the deck. After a hot day of activities, such as golfing and trekking, you will feel purified by the cool, refreshing breeze of the hills.

In the evening, guests can relax in our fireplace lounge. While feeling the natural warmth of the fire and listening to the firewood crackling, you can enjoy the luxurious experience of doing nothing.

The water for the bath is piped in directly from Mimuro hot spring in Tateshina, which maintains just the right temperature with no extra heating or added water. Guests can enjoy both indoor and open-air baths.

Tateshina Kaorukaze

2017 5th session Award for Experiences/Services

受賞企業名:Tateshinanokaze Co., Ltd.