Shitogi Natto Shitogi Natto Syouryu

Kanasago Foods Co., Ltd. (Ibaraki)

Shitogi Natto and Shitogi Natto Syouryu (fermented soybeans) are made through a manufacturing process that Kanasago Foods in Ibaraki Prefecture has been employing for more than 60 years. Natto products usually found in stores are made using a modern manufacturing process that only takes about 12 hours. On the other hand, Kanasago Foods employs a method that lets the soybeans slowly ferment for over 24 hours. Shitogi Natto, which uses a small soybean from Hokkaido called Yukishizuka, has less smell and boasts a faint sweetness. Shitogi Natto Syouryu is made with Nattoshouryu, a very small soybean grown in Ibaraki Prefecture, in pursuit of a rich aroma unique to natto. The products, which were dedicated to the “Niiname-sai,” or harvest festival held in the Meiji Shrine, are recommended for health-conscious people around the world.

Winner’s Voice

As the product name “Shitogi,” meaning “an offering to the gods,” conveys, all of our employees are committed to the production as if we were actually offering natto to the gods. About 60 years ago, we produced natto using very small soybeans, which were still rare at the time. Since then, we have remained faithful to this traditional manufacturing method. We dedicate time, effort and passion to produce delicious natto that goes perfect with freshly cooked steaming rice, which is one of the soul foods of the Japanese people.

Kanasago Foods Co., Ltd.



2017 5th session Award for Products
Shitoginatto: 40g × 2 packs
Shitoginattosyouryu: 40g × 2 packs
Shitoginatto: JPY300
Shitoginattosyouryu: JPY200