Jukusei Kani Senbei KANAME

Kakutani Seika CO.,LTD. (Hyogo)

Twice-baked KANAME crackers were created in the hopes of offering products made using snow crab, a famous specialty of Kinosaki hot springs in Hyogo Prefecture. More than half of the dough in the senbei crackers is made with snow crab meat, which requires 10 days to age at a fixed temperature and humidity level after the first baking. Then, they are baked for a second time to finish the crackers. Kaname senbei crackers do not use any unnecessary seasonings such as soy sauce, so that the full, original flavor of the crab can be enjoyed. The senbei crackers, which were made with select ingredients and a well thought out baking technique, offer firmness and a more intense umami taste in every bite. Before eating, break the senbei cracker in half to bring out even more of the snow crab aroma. The authentic flavor makes them ideal to eat as a snack with tea or alcoholic beverages.

Winner’s Voice

More than half of the dough in our twice-baked senbei crackers is made with snow crab meat, which is then aged for approximately 10 days. They are then finished with rice flour, which is cultivated and harvested in fields where storks fly overhead, with a reduced amount of agricultural chemicals. The name “KANAME” refers to the clasp at the center of a folding fan, where all the blades meet, also known as the “crab’s eye.” We hope to show our omotenashi spirit by manufacturing these delicious senbei crackers, which bring smiles to our customers’ faces.

Kakutani Seika CO.,LTD.


2017 3rd session Award for Products
Net weight
8 pieces, 12 pieces, 16 pieces, 24 pieces, 32 pieces
Bite-size 50g
JPY1,500 (16 pieces, excluding tax)