Sanjo Blacksmith Training Hall

Member of Echigo Sanjo Blacksmith Group (Niigata)


It is very rare to find a facility where you can experience full-scale knife-making, using a coke forge, steel chopsticks and hammers, just as they would be used at an actual manufacturing site. Visitors can learn the traditional techniques of Sanjo.

The three workshops available are Japanese nail making, paper knife making and knife sharpening. Approximately three Japanese nails can be made in about an hour.

The workshops are held by craftsmen who inherited the technology of Sanjo City, which has been producing a large number of "traditional craftsmen" certified by the traditional craft industry. Visitors can experience real metalworking technology first hand.

By experiencing the manufacturing process for yourself, you can fully appreciate the value of skilled Japanese “monozukuri" (manufacturing), which you might not understand simply by holding the item.

Sanjo Blacksmith Training Hall

2017 4th session Award for Experiences/Services

受賞企業名:Member of Echigo Sanjo Blacksmith Group