Jukusen Ise Udon Noodles

Kaida Foods Ltd. (Mie)

Ise udon noodles, which are one of the representative local dishes of Ise, have grown popular among people visiting the Ise Grand Shrine. The thick, soft noodles that catch the rich and dark sauce make it a unique dish that is gentle to travelers’ stomachs. While there are various types of Ise udon products, Kaida Food’s udon noodles are made with 100% Mie wheat. After being kneaded, the dough is aged for more than 24 hours. Each noodle is cut with grooves so that they catch more sauce. The sauce is made by abundantly blending naturally brewed, tamari soy sauce aged over three years and bonito caught in the Kumanonada Sea. The package is also elaborately designed by applying gold embossing on a black box. Ise udon noodles are soft and sweet and have a pleasant consistency, and have always been an ideal product for welcoming guests.

Winner’s Voice

We have been devoted to udon noodle production by pursuing only the best ingredients and manufacturing processes over 80 years since our founding. While maintaining our tradition, we have thoroughly reviewed ingredients and manufacturing processes to create this premium Ise udon. It is our omotenashi to provide our customers with a product that makes a perfect gift, delighting both sender and receiver.

Kaida Foods Ltd.



2017 5th session Award for Products
Net weight
2 packs
JPY 800 (excluding tax)