Itoko is an established manufacturer of silk textile for kimonos using only Japanese silk, based in Kyoto. As fewer people are wearing kimonos these days, TOUSENSU and 2020 MIYAKO OUGI folding fans have been created in the hopes of bringing kimono closer to people. Decked with gold and silver thread embroidery, TOUSENSU was designed with an image of a woman who wants the original thing and has a high standard for beauty. The 2020 MIYAKO OUGI fan is made with transparent textiles called “monsha” often used in summer kimonos. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in mind – as “miyako” means capital – Japanese traditional culture and the finest traditional craftsmanship have been infused in this product. Both fans, which have been creating using textiles that offer a cooling effect, convey the charm of kimono while elegantly decorating the hand.

Winner’s Voice

As a silk textile manufacturer boasting a long history, it is our delight to offer luxury folding fans that express the cool feeling of the transparent light textile that kimono are made with. TOUSENSU with delicate embroidery is ideal for a party, while the 2020 MIYAKO OUGI fan with a checkered pattern is perfect for watching sporting events.

Itoko Co., Ltd.


2017 4th session 商品部門 受賞 商品部門 特別賞
TOUSENSU:Fan material: silk; frame: bamboo, approx. 210mm, 20 folds
2020 MIYAKO OUGI:Fan material: silk; frame: bamboo, approx. 180mm, 20 folds
Fan side embroidery design: Uzumaki (Swirl), Asano-ha (Hemp Leaf), Meigetsu-in Karakusa (Arabesque pattern), Itogiku-zukushi (Chrysanthemum), Houshoukamon (Arabesque flower pattern)

Fan side weaving pattern: Ichimatsu (Light blue, Cherry blossom, Light yellow, Wisteria, Chartreuse green, Indigo)
TOUSENSU JPY10,000 per item (excluding tax)
2020 MIYAKO OUGI JPY8,000 per item (excluding tax)