Gagome Stock Ponzu(citrus-based vinegar soy-sauce)


A stock ponzu made with rare Gagome kombu, blessed with minerals from the sea of Hakodate.

Gagome Stock Ponzu (citrus-based vinegar soy-sauce) is made by blending gagome kombu, a type of kelp cultivated in the sea around Hakodate, Hokkaido, with soy sauce from Asahikawa, mild katsuo (bonito) broth and the acidity of yuzu citrus. Gagome kombu is extremely rare as it can only be picked in a small amount. Compared with other types of kombu, it is very sticky and contains abundant nutrients such as fiber, alginate and fucoidan; therefore, is said to be good for maintaining health and beauty. At first taste, you can first feel the mild acidity that is followed by the mouth-filling, rich umami of kombu. Gagome Stock Ponzu is an all-purpose seasoning that not only goes well with dishes like hiyayakko (chilled tofu) and nabe (hot pot), but can be also used as a dressing for salads to enhance the tastes of the ingredients. This ponzu with delicate flavor also offers health benefits, which is a form of omotenashi through food, delivered from the northern part of Japan.

Winner’s Voice

Gagome Stock Ponzu was brought to life after much trial and error in pursuit of the best balance between soy sauce from Hokkaido, the citrus extract, and the mildness of vinegar that goes well with kombu. We can say with absolute confidence that our ponzu is truly delicious. It can be enjoyed daily as it complements a wide range of dishes including nabe (hot pot dish), yakiniku (grilled meat), salads, sashimi and fried food.

2017 3rd session Award for Products
Net weight
JPY480 (excluding tax)