A magnifier that celebrates aging by spicing up presbyopia in a stylish way.

Swinglass isn’t just for seeing clearly: it’s designed for adults who like to enjoy their age by adding an element of charm to reading glasses. In Japan, where approximately 70 million people are anticipating presbyopia, we sought to develop a stylish magnifier that is convenient to carry around and can be used instead of reading glasses. The handle has a smooth curved design based on the image of the hyotan, or gourd, and the magadama, a comma-shaped jewel, which fits well in the hand. Meanwhile, the entire form resembles luxurious, antique opera glasses. The dual function of an approximately 3X magnifier and an approximately 2X reading glass can be switched with a push of a button, depending to the usage. Titanium is employed for the body, balancing light weight and durability. Presbyopia, which is a natural aging process, is a common problem worldwide. The compact design of made-in-Japan quality is perfect not only for daily use but also for travel, anywhere in the world.

Winner’s Voice

As an eyeglass lens specialist, our company supports our customers’ vision with a wide variety of products. Swinglass was created not only to help them make out small letters but also to jazz up their lifestyles.,Ltd
2017 3rd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Three colors: Ruby Red, Amethyst Purple, Emerald Green
JPY25,000 (excluding tax)