otafukuwata zabuton cushion bag


Recognized for its highly skilled cotton craftsmanship since its founding in 1840, Otafukuwata designed this zabuton cushion bag to conveniently carry around the traditional Japanese cushion anywhere you go. A combination of a handmade zabuton with a canvas bag, it is a product that is not only portable, but one that comes in extremely handy for watching sports in both hot and freezing weather, as well as for various other outdoor events like fireworks displays. The moisture absorbing and insulating properties of cotton are fully utilized to create this innovative product based on an expert cotton processing technique accumulated over many years. Like a futon, this bag can be repaired by craftsmen and enjoyed for a long time, embodying the Japanese wisdom of cherishing and taking good care of a favorite item.

Winner’s Voice

For the main bag section, we selected durable canvas fabric carefully produced in Japan. Each zabuton cushion, while small, is handmade and stuffed with care by master futon craftsmen. Our wish is to provide customers with a comfortable place to sit, anywhere they go, and that is our omotenashi essence infused into this product.



2017 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
cushion cover: W12XL34XH33
(cushion itself is W5XL33XH33)
bag itself is W12xL34xH33
bag is black with cushion is 3 different patterns and 5 color vatiations
cushion bag JPY15,000(excluding tax)

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