HARE DESIGN Inc. / Message Design Center Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

WAGASA Counter and WAGASA Table are designed to convey the beauty of “wagasa,” the traditional Japanese umbrella, using space. Furniture craftsmen of Okawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, home to 470 years of history and tradition of woodcraft, produced this counter and table using the same 48 frameworks as a real umbrella. Vermillion and coal black colored lamps add another Japanese touch to the chic counter and table. The mobile counter can be used in a variety of ways, from tea to cocktails, and from jazz to performances of traditional Japanese music. The convenience-conscious design allows for the furniture to be disassembled and carried around, and reassembled easily. This piece of furniture may help to convey the Japanese omotenashi spirit at various venues, such as a stylish bar to enjoy drinks, or at parties where people from abroad gather.

Winner’s Voice

WAGASA Counter and WAGASA Table were created with the hope of offering a new atmosphere for Japanese events. The counter that offers a 360-degree view lets you serve food or drinks from anywhere behind the counter, while the high table is suited for Western style buffet parties. We hope that our products, which let you create a Japanese-style atmosphere just by including them in a space, will become a new form of communication.

HARE DESIGN Inc. / Message Design Center Co., Ltd.


2017 4th session Award for Products
Counter W2,400mm x D1,100mm x H1,100mm
Table Φ750 x H1,000
Produced on order.