HARE DESIGN Inc. / Message Design Center Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

The city of Okawa in Fukuoka Prefecture in the Kyushu region boasts a history and tradition of woodcraft spanning more than 470 years, and is known as the furniture production capital of Japan. The region’s traditional craft technique, called “kumiko,” in which woods are joined without using nails, has been combined with the latest advanced technology and materials such as LED and light guide plate to produce the pre-fabricated tea-ceremony room MUJYOAN. The tearoom itself can be disassembled and carried around, making it possible to experience the beauty and elegance of a Japanese tea ceremony anywhere you go, as long as there is a power supply and ample space. MUJYOAN, originally created with the sole purpose of being placed in the Japanese garden of Happo-en in Minato-ku, Tokyo, blends into a garden’s natural beauty throughout the seasons, from cherry blossoms to fresh greens and autumn colored leaves. The tearoom provides a special atmosphere for not just the user, but will also be a delight for anyone passing by.

Winner’s Voice

The pre-fabricated tea-ceremony room MUJYOAN was born out of a desire to create a new scene for Japanese omotenashi. While the needs of inbound tourist business continue to increase, a new form of omotenashi is also required. Based on the concept of “ichi-go ichi-e (one chance, one encounter),” which is associated with the tea ceremony, MUJYOAN is handmade by furniture craftsmen of Okawa by combining the latest advanced technology such as LED. We hope our product lets you experience a new way of enjoying the tea ceremony.

HARE DESIGN Inc. / Message Design Center Co., Ltd.


2017 4th session Award for Products
W3,700mm x D3,700mm x H2,700mm
Produced on order.