Trial Workshop (gold leaf)

Sakuda gold and silver leaf crafts (Ishikawa)


You can choose your design from a pattern or make your own from scratch. Also, you can add the date or another extra element.

In addition to the ever-popular chopsticks or mini boxes, you can select an item of your choice from a wide variety of choices, including natural wood pendants. Mini cherry boxes have been gaining popularity among overseas tourists who have recently been increasing in number.

One of the most demanding steps in the making of gold leaf is the production of the paper in which the gold is enclosed when hammering it out into a thin sheet. This paper is created using only traditional natural ingredients over a stretch of three months.

The paper required for gold leaf production is created by a unique method and can also be used as high-end facial oil blotting paper, which makes a perfect souvenir.

Trial Workshop (gold leaf)

2017 5th session Award for Experiences/Services

受賞企業名:Sakuda gold and silver leaf crafts