Yamaryo Yokoi Pottery Ltd.(Gifu)

Vessels featuring 12 zodiac talismans that encourage conversation at mealtimes

In hopes of brightening up the mealtime of the modern age, LUCKY 12, a set of 12 vessels, was created in the motif of the zodiac animal talismans that can be used to drink, eat or decorate. These vessels were created by employing clay used for “hakuji” (white porcelain), which is considered the highest grade of Mino ware, and by pouring metal into a mold known as the “ikomi” technique. The vessels are durable and safe, and are hard to break even if you drop them. You will start feeling attached to the one featuring your zodiac animal the more you use it. We recommend using LUCKY 12 as a sake cup for special occasions such as the New Year, or as a figurine to decorate the room for everyday use.

Winner’s Voice

We believe that everyone loves their zodiac animal that only comes around once every 12 years. LUCKY 12 vessels were created in the hopes of bringing these animals closer to you by using them on a dining table. They are elaborately designed so that people will find them fun to use. The name “LUCKY12” was made by combining “the 12 zodiac talismans” and “12 fun vessels.”

Yamaryo Yokoi Pottery Ltd.
2017 5th session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Gold overglaze painting on white porcelain
JPY1,500 each (excluding tax)
Set of 12 zodiac animals: JYP15,000 (excluding tax)