Envelope-shaped long wallet

Tsurumiya Co., Ltd.(Osaka)

A long wallet that becomes a part of your personal style

The Envelope-shaped long wallet “Encase” is the result of pursuing the ultimate thinness and functionality in a wallet. The name was inspired by “fukusa (Japanese crepe wrapper),” or an envelope that is associated with “wrapping” or “embracing.” This product is made of Italian cowhide. No clasp is used, which allows it to hold 30 bills, six cards, a passport and a bank book. It will still be thin enough and not be bulky when carried in a jacket or a trouser pocket. The more it is used, the more it fits to each person’s hand, turning it into a truly personal item. It is a special product that makes one stylish in modern society.

Winner’s Voice

We are devoted to creating products that you can feel affectionate about. Affection can only be felt when a product is functional and long lasting. This envelope-shaped long wallet is made with such a concept in mind. We will be more than happy if you feel the affection through this item's texture and usability as a daily use item, and we hope that it makes you feel emotionally fulfilled on a daily basis.

Tsurumiya Co., Ltd.
2017 5th session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Black, Dark Brown, Green, Orange, Blue
JPY37,000 (excluding tax)