TORAYA Co.,Ltd.(Nagasaki)

Salted “ago” fish pickled in tsubaki oil from Kamigoto Island in Nagasaki that sharpens your appetite

It is not anchovy but “agontyobi” made with “ago (flying fish)” from Kamigoto Island in Nagasaki Prefecture. Caught in the Goto Islands, which are known as one of the leading fishing spots in Japan, the fresh and high-quality ago fish is carefully processed before being cured in homemade sea salt rich in minerals, which brings out the umami. Then it is pickled in a mixture of olive oil and tsubaki oil, which is a local specialty. Its delicate flavor, which is achieved by reducing the amount of salt compared with the common anchovies, can be also enjoyed by those who don’t like anchovies. Not only does it goes well with Japanese sake and wines, but the pickling oil with condensed umami can be also used to enhance the taste of dishes like ajillo or omelet. The product name “agontyobi” comes not only from the anchovy-like taste, but also is inspired by a dialect from the region. These agontyobi fillets packed in a cute bottle are perfect for daily use and also make great souvenirs.

Winner’s Voice

We value the rich nature of Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture where our company is located. We have devoted ourselves to create safe and secure products made with the gifts of Mother Nature in the Goto Islands. All ingredients are sourced locally from the sea and mountains. We hope you enjoy the omotenashi that we offer from the far west of Japan.

2017 3rd session Gold Award for Products
JPY1,200 (excluding tax)