An artistic toilet that totally changes the “white” image thanks to creativity and the craftsman's technique

Artoletta was aimed to enhance the amazing Japanese toilet environment by reversing the stereotype that “toilets are white.” Japan’s sanitary equipment, including toilets, has a globally high standard for environmental friendliness. By adding an artistic value, it stimulates users on a deep psychological level and makes them “want to keep it clean because of its beauty.” It aims to achieve an effect that encourages beautification at the unconscious level. It is not easy to add a design to a toilet bowl with a unique curve; however, the latest CG technology and exquisite handwork by craftsmen have made it possible to create this surprising and impressive product. This “omotenashi toilet,” made by Japanese creativity and the craftsman’s technique, is a special product that embodies the future of the toilet industry.

Winner’s Voice

A world's first!! The beauty created by Artoletta is transformed into pleasure and surprise, which elevates you all to a space of highest hospitality. Based on the latest self-cleaning toilet Arauno SII, this piece is completed with an original design pattern and craftsmen's hand work, which cannot be achieved by factory production. We hope that this item helps you experience true beauty in your toilet space.

2017 5th session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Hokusai namiura Artoletta
(Panasonic Arauno SII)
JPY 450,000~550,000 (excluding tax)
*Including the toilet