MILK'ORO Aging Yogurt


Aged yogurt made from the finest ingredients and a special manufacturing method that enriches both body and mind

MILK’ORO Aging Yogurt was created with the hope of providing as many people as possible with premium quality milk through the meticulous care of a small dairy farmer. By only adding beet sugar – which contains a great amount of healthy oligosaccharides – to lactic acid bacteria, into nutrient-rich Jersey milk, the yogurt lets you taste the natural sweetness of the milk when fresh, then a creamy texture as it gradually ages. In addition, because it is created from non-homogenized milk, the protein, fat and water that are the main ingredients of milk are deliberately not blended, the yogurt results in two layers: a golden cream layer like a gelatin cheesecake and a yogurt layer with a refreshing aroma and tangy flavor, letting you enjoy two different tastes in one spoonful. The high-quality MILK’ORO Aging Yogurt is safe and hygenic, as every process from soil fertilizing to packaging the finished yogurt is carried out on the farm with utmost care. Indulge in the natural goodness of this dessert yogurt that fulfills both the mind and body.

Winner’s Voice

On our farm, dairy cows are raised with feed crop from our own fields fertilized with homemade compost. We participate in the French Omega-3 project and produce Jersey milk with high omega-3 fatty acids to provide additive-free dairy products to our customers. We have travelled all over the world to try various yogurts to create this double-layered, aged yogurt that represents the premium quality of our farm’s milk.

2017 2nd session Gold Award for Products
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