Japanese Cultural Heritage Ochiairo Murakami

Japanese Cultural Heritage Ochiairo Murakami (Shizuoka)


The ryokan has a variety of guest room types and public spaces such as an authentic Japanese-style room or a room with beds, as well as a lounge to meet the diverse needs of each customer.

An on-site concierge service staffed by specialists dedicated to Japanese culture is available in response to the increasing requests from overseas guests. These concierges not only convey the charms of Japan but also offer personal assistance anytime.

The historic, wooden architecture, which is registered as national tangible cultural property, has a luxurious, opulent feel. One can truly indulge at this luxury ryokan designed by artisans with attention to every detail, such as the intricate pattern of the shoji sliding doors.

The Japanese meals prepared with fresh local ingredients purchased in the morning let you enjoy seasonal tastes at all times, as the menus change every month.

Japanese Cultural Heritage Ochiairo Murakami

2017 Experiences/Services Gold Award for Experiences/Services

受賞企業名:Japanese Cultural Heritage Ochiairo Murakami