Kyouwa Precision Co., Ltd(Kyoto)

A board game made with sparkling seamless metal pieces for a happy time with a special person

Wavelet is a reversi game with sparkling seamless metal pieces. These metal pieces are made of brass and aluminum, paired seamlessly with a highly sophisticated technique and polished one by one by craftsmen to produce the gemlike glitter finish. The boards are carved out of a solid wood using high-precision 3D cutting technology, which brings out the texture of the natural material. The extremely precise design is a major feature of this product; however, the most valued concept is “a carefully created product for a precious moment.” It is about sharing this moment by playing the board game with loved ones. It is a product that suggests a relaxed lifestyle that is being lost in today’s society.

Winner’s Voice

The product – which conveys our basic concept of “carefully created products for precious moments” – not only serves as a game but also as something that enriches the user's lifestyle. We hope that our customers spend a wonderful time with their special ones in an omotenashi atmosphere produced by our creation.

Kyouwa Precision Co., Ltd
2017 Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
JPY37,000 (excluding tax)