KOMODARU-LINK Mini Kagamibiraki Set

Kishimoto Kichiji Syouten Co.,Ltd.(Hyogo)

Share the festive mood with mini kagamibiraki made with innovation and excellent craftsmanship

KOMODARU-LINK Mini Kagamibiraki Set is a miniature version of Japan’s traditional kagamibiraki indispensable at celebratory events, which can be casually enjoyed at home. Normally, the cask used for kagamibiraki is at least 18L-size (diameter 40cm, height 40cm) while miniature version is available in much smaller size (diameter 18cm, height 17.5cm) that can be comfortably arranged on a table. The kagami-ita, or a lid of a cask, uses magnets so it can be broken open many times over. It can be used to serve not only sake but also juice or sweets – so anyone from children to adults can enjoy it. The compact size is perfect for celebrating once-in-a-lifetime occasions such as weddings or other celebratory events with family and friends. KOMODARU-LINK Mini Kagamibiraki Set represents the wish to convey the Japanese omotenashi spirit in sharing festive feelings with everyone and with customers overseas.

Winner’s Voice

Kagamibiraki are indispensable for celebratory occasions in Japan. Taking pride in being part of our customers’ celebrations by providing the Mini Kagamibiraki Set, our craftsmen create each set by hand with utmost care.

Kishimoto Kichiji Syouten Co.,Ltd.
2017 1st session Gold Award for Products
20 different designs
JPY7,000(excluding tax)