Triple 0

Kasamori Corporation(Gumma)

A collection of three-dimensional embroidery jewelry made from supple yarns that offers a gentle touch to the skin

Triple 0 (000) is a jewelry collection created with three-dimensional embroidery using high quality technology the company has developed over the years in the industry. After the embroidery is applied on a fabric underlayment using a sewing machine, each piece is carefully hand-finished into a three-dimensional shape. Since the Triple 0 jewelry is made only with yarn, it is extremely lightweight while achieving a supple texture and the gentle touch to the skin. The company’s advanced technology and exceptional expressiveness, which were also highly rated by famous maisons de couture overseas and employed for their haute couture collections, made it possible to dispel the misperception that “embroidering is done on a flat surface.” While the jewelry is made of sensitive embroidery, it can be hand-washed with laundry detergents at home, making for easy maintenance.
The brand was named “Triple 0 (000)” in hopes of creating a jewelry collection that offers infinite variations by combining different embroidery designs, just like there are 1,000 possible combinations of three digits from 000 to 999. This masterpiece jewelry represents the perfect blend of Japan’s exceptional technological strengths and fashion.

Winner’s Voice

We have been engaged in creating accessories made from yarn for a few years. After tackling several problems and issues, including the selection of different types of yarns, we have finally succeeded in creating this current form and style. Each of the pieces is meticulously checked and fixed by our artisans before shipment. We came up with the idea of necklaces that look as if they were made of metals or beads by imaging the happy faces of our customers.

Kasamori Corporation
2017 2nd session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Micro sphere
Lace triangle
Lattice triangle
Micro sphere: Gold, Silver, Black
Lace triangle: Beige Gold, Grey Silver
Sphere: Black × Black, Grey × Silver, Ivory × Silver
Lattice triangle: Beige Gold, Gray Silver

Micro sphere: JPY8,500
Lace triangle: JPY7,000
Sphere: JPY12,500
Lattice triangle: JPY3,500
*All excluding tax