Wakayama chocolat

Specified Nonprofit CorporationJOY・COM(Wakayama)

Flavorful chocolates that let you savor Wakayama’s local specialties.

Wakayama chocolat is made using Wakayama’s local specialties by the members at the facility that provides job assistance to people with disabilities run by a NPO. Product development is conducted by a professional who had worked in chocolatiers while people with disabilities are engaged in the production of the chocolates. In this way, these delicious, high quality chocolates with unique flavors are brought to life. Blended abundantly with local ingredients such as “Budo Shansho (Japanese pepper),” “Kishu Nanko Ume (plum)” and “Yuasa Shoyu (soy sauce),” Wayakama chocolat offers distinct flavors only found in Wakayama. A bite-sized Bonbon chocolat lets you enjoy different flavors while Orangette is made with a variety of citrus fruits. These chocolates filled with local ingredients are created through a unique approach, and they are a product to share with the world with confidence.

Winner’s Voice

Combining carefully selected, safe and secure ingredients from Wakayama with pure chocolate delivered from the lands close to the equator, our products are meticulously made one by one together with people with disabilities so as to bring smiles to our customers’ faces. Our chocolates, which are unique to Wakayama, are the fruit of our omotenshi.

Specified Nonprofit CorporationJOY・COM
2017 3rd session Gold Award for Products
Gift Box JPY2,300
One piece JPY100~300
(All excluding tax)