Kisai Oils of Hida Kankitsu Farm


Flavored oils that share the seasonal aromas of Yugawara while brightening up the dining table.

Kisai Oils of Hida Kankitsu Farm let you enjoy the tastes of agricultural produce of each season cultivated in Yugawara, Kanagawa Prefecture. In Yugawara, which is also known as an onsen (hot spring) resort, various citrus fruits, including mandarin oranges, have been cultivated since the Edo Period thanks to its mild climate. These flavored oils were produced by extracting the aromas and flavors from several kinds of citrus fruits grown each season and blending them into olive oil. Every citrus fruit used for the product has been meticulously cultivated in a land where the producer had fertilized the soil by himself. Everything from harvesting to processing is carried out consistently so as to produce these aromatic and high quality oils that are safe for the entire family. Although the number of products they can produce/sell each season is limited because only seasonal ingredients are used, approximately 20 to 25 varieties of flavored oils are available per year, which include rare flavors such as iyokan, setoka and tachibana, in addition to popular ones such as lemon and yuzu. Enjoy these blended Japanese-Western oils that let you also feel the beautiful scenery of Yugawara from season to season.

Winner’s Voice

We create our flavored oils in the hopes of sharing the tastes of agricultural produce that the farmers enjoy with as many people as possible. As farmers in Yugawara, we believe that it would be wonderful if we could brighten the dining table with the seasonal flavors unique to our region. Please enjoy our delicacy, which only small farmers can offer.

2017 3rd session Gold Award for Products
Ripe fruit oil 100ml
Refreshing oil 120ml
Ripe fruit oil: JPY602 (excluding tax)
Refreshing oil: JPY1204 (excluding tax)