KIZARA Wood shavings memo

ForestFeeling Co., Ltd.(Shizuoka)

A modern memo pad made of kyogi that makes you feel close to the trees

“Kyogi” is a thinly shaved wooden material that has been used for wrapping food. KIZARA Wood shavings memo is made with pieces of kyogi that are between 0.15mm and 0.25mm thick. While kyogi has nearly disappeared in this modern age, this memo pad was created as an item frequently used in everyday life so that it may offer more opportunities to actually touch kyogi with your hand. Because kyogi contains tree’s natural oil, your pen will glide smoothly over the surface. Also, you can easily tear off pages along the grain. In addition to the innovative design, this product has been created by considering practical aspects such as writing a memo and tearing it off to hand it to someone. KIZARA Wood shavings memo is not only attention-getting, but also reminds people of the values of Japan’s traditional kyogi.

Winner’s Voice

Through writing on this memo pad, users will be strongly aware that they are utilizing a part of the forest, rather than unconsciously consuming just another piece of wooden material. Each product is handmade through tremendous effort and the superb techniques of craftsmen. It is our hope that our customers will feel a closeness to nature through the scent, texture and writing feel of our product.

ForestFeeling Co., Ltd.
2017 5th session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Small, Medium, Large
Small: JPY480
Medium: JPY680
Large: JPY820
(All excluding tax)