Bendable Toothbrush


A toothbrush for infants that prevents throat injury

The Bendable Toothbrush was developed in order to avoid throat injuries in infants during tooth brushing. The number of throat injuries of infants caused by a toothbrush is on the rise. Although several activities and product development aimed at improving such a situation have been carried out, there is still no clear sign of positive results. With this in mind, the Bendable Toothbrush that helps to prevent accidents was brought to life in cooperation with a research institute engaged in industrial technology that studies the degree of shock a toothbrush can cause. This toothbrush minimizes the shock it can cause by approximately 2/3 of a normal toothbrush when an infant falls with a toothbrush in the mouth. In addition, it lets you visually check the appropriate pressure applied to the teeth when brushing without causing tooth and gum damage. It is a product recommended to protect children’s health in case of an accident.

Winner’s Voice

We developed this product to solve the problem of infant’s throat injuries during toothbrushing. Careful attention has been made to the details including the material and the shape of the toothbrush in consideration of safety. In this way, we hope it can be used from infancy and early childhood to get familiar with toothbrushes and learn that brushing teeth can be fun. The Bendable Toothbrush is a product that conveys our care for children as well as our omotenashi spirit.

2017 5th session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Bendable toothbrush for babies, Bendable Toothbrush for kids
Tsutsuji, Sora, Mikan, Wakaba
JPY550 (excluding tax)