SAKE gelee


Sake gelee was born thanks to an encounter between a sake brewery and a confectionery maker in Hiroshima, which is known as one of the leading sake brewery sites in Japan. Sake brewed using soft water of Hiroshima is delicate, while still being rich in flavor. Nine different sake brands have been blended with fruit juices that best matches each unique flavor so as to create a confectionery that can be also enjoyed by those who do not drink alcohol while retaining the aroma and umami of the sake. The fabulous soft and melting texture is a masterful omotenashi creation ideal for serving to guests.

Winner’s Voice

We have selected fruits that best match each flavor and characteristic of Hiroshima’s sake brands. These are sweets that can be enjoyed, even by people who don't drink alcohol, so why not raise a toast with our sake gelee with family and friends at work, gatherings and on celebratory occasions?



2017 1st session Gold Award for Products
Height 58mm; bottom diameter 44mm; top diameter 70mm
Net weight
JPY280 (One piece)
JPY1,200 (set of 4)
JPY1,800 (set of 6)
JPY2,700 (set of 9)
JPY3,600 (set of 12)
JPY 6,000 (set of 20)
(All excluding tax)