AWOMB (Kyoto)


Colorful ingredients such as Kyoyasai (vegetables of Kyoto), yuba (tofu skin) and seafood are beautifully arranged on a plate, evoking the grid patterns of the streets of Kyoto.

Each of the traditional kyoyasai, such as daikon (Japanese radish), turnip and eggplant, is carefully selected in Kyoto and garnished with seasonings such as kuroshichimi (seven blended black spices) and sansho (Japanese pepper). Visitors are encouraged to enjoy Kyoto’s delicacies in a temaki-sushi (hand-roll sushi) style by wrapping nori around sushi rice and the ingredients of their choice.

Visitors can enjoy “Teori-sushi,” which is beautifully served on a plate, in their own style by combining ingredients as they wish. Additional nori and sushi rice can be requested at an extra charge.

The restaurant – which was created by remodeling an 80-year-old “Kyo-machiya,” a traditional wooden townhouse built in the early Showa era – boasts a historic feel, but is equipped with modern furnishings that strike a good balance between old and new.


2017 Experiences/Services Gold Award for Experiences/Services