Shojin cuisine

Shojin Cuisine DAIGO (Tokyo)


Shojin cuisine is a type of vegetarian meal that originated in Japanese Buddhist temples. DAIGO’s elaborate menu has been created so that, while still maintaining its cultural value, everyone can enjoy regardless of nationality and religion. The menu changes about 20 times a year; therefore, you can always encounter new flavors every time you visit.

The seasonal scenery of the Japanese garden, as well as the rooms with Japanese furnishings such as tatami, hori-kotatsu table and kakejiku immerse you in an elegant atmosphere, which is the epitome of a Japanese sense of beauty.

The exquisite and thoughtful omotenashi based on the concept of “ichi-go ichi-e" (one chance, one encounter) and the best “maai" (distance and timing) is shared among all staff members, which captures the hearts of celebrities around the world.

DAIGO’s service is not only what you find on the menu. Their superb ability to meet even the hidden needs of customers and their elaborate preparation always ensure blissful moments.

Shojin cuisine

2017 4th session Gold Award for Experiences/Services

受賞企業名:Shojin Cuisine DAIGO