apanese Traditional Apron 'MAEKAKE’

Anything Co.,ltd(Tokyo)

Bringing Japanese traditional “MAEKAKE” work wear infused with omotenashi spirit to the world.

Sailcloth aprons, or maekake, are inscribed with information such as shop names or trademarks, and have been traditionally used as the first step of customer interaction, along with signboards and noren curtains hung at the shop entrance. While being quite simple in design – a rectangular piece of fabric with long straps to tie around the waist – the maekake apron also eases strain on the lower back by supporting the pelvis when lifting heavy objects. It also guards from spills and injuries. Together with craftsmen in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, which is the only area where maekake aprons are produced in Japan, Anything has revived the authentic classical maekake with the original thickness and texture. These maekake aprons, carefully made by weaving thick threads using the shuttle loom invented during the Meiji and Taisho eras, are strong and durable while fitting around the body softly in spite of the thick fabric. Because all manufacturing processes are carried out in Japan, it is possible to produce originally designed, easily repairable aprons in small lots. These maekake aprons are brought to life through careful manufacturing unique to Japan, and can be widely used both in Japan and overseas as a uniform that represents the omotenashi spirit.

Winner’s Voice

Since the Edo period, the Japanese traditional maekake apron has been worn by merchants and shop staff as work wear when welcoming customers. Doing business with customers by wearing a maekake apron inscribed with shop name and trademark that protects the wearer’s lower back is a style unique to Japan. We hope that winning this award would be an opportunity to promote the allure of maekae apron to as many people as possible both in Japan and abroad.

Anything Co.,ltd
2017 3rd session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Standard long apron, short apron and more
navy, black, vermilion, gray, mustard, ecru
JPY5,900~ (excluding tax)