Beauty Pillow

airweave inc. ✕ LOFTY inc.(Tokyo)

A high-performance pillow developed without compromise that helps people pursue beauty even while sleeping by supporting proper posture.

Beauty Pillow was jointly developed by airweave, a leading bedding company; LOFTY, a pillow company known for its R&D focused on pillows for good sleep; and Chizu Saeki, a famous Japanese beauty expert. This pillow was produced with the aim of supporting busy modern women by maintaining a proper sleeping posture to reset the body. Developed by combining airweave’s airfiber and LOFTY’s cushion fiber ball, Beauty Pillow allows the thickness of the pillow to be adjusted to the ideal height by inserting/pulling out the pad, while also enabling the length of the neck support to be changed. Seams are reduced for the neck section so as to minimize any uncomfortable feeling, while firmly supporting the head to allow for easy turn over. Both the pillowcase, which is made with skin-friendly, double-layered gauze, and the pillow itself can be washed at home so that you can keep them clean for comfortable use throughout the year. A quality sleep not only supports beauty but also promotes health. This is a pillow that is recommended for everyone.

Winner’s Voice

We are very pleased to receive this award. Together with Chizu Saeki, who wished to create a product for women who want to promote beauty from within, this pillow for women was jointly developed from a woman's point of view by airweave, which is a company that provides a total sleep solution, and LOFTY, a pillow specialty store. We hope you enjoy the pleasant sleep with our pillow that was created with meticulous attention to detail based on the omotenashi spirit and women’s perspective.

airweave inc. ✕ LOFTY inc.
2017 3rd session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Pillow (white), Pillow case (pink)
JPY23,000 (excluding tax)