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FUMFUM are tabi shoes for children, developed mainly by female employees of pharmaceutical companies, with the aim of making a really good product for children. The idea behind developing this product inspired by tabi shoes, which have been popular since ancient times, was based on trends showing that problems such as flat feet and floating toe are increasing in early childhood during development, and that receiving various stimuli on the soles of your feet has an important influence on the development of the brains and the bodies of infants. With this in mind, these tabi shoes were created with the help of Marugo Corporation, a well-established tabi sock maker. Tabi shoes, with rubber on the foot soles, separate the big toe from the other toes, providing stability and strength to the feet when walking. While taking advantage of this feature, the kohaze (metal tab closure) was replaced with a Velcro-type fastener for easy slip on and to prevent them from slipping off. An animal character is featured on the instep, so children will be more willing to wear them. It is charming, unique footwear created from the desire to combine the promotion of healthy growth in children with the characteristics of Japanese tabi shoes.

Winner’s Voice

Traditional tabi shoes, which are footwear unique to Japan, have been popular since ancient times. Inspired by the idea of passing on the sensitivity unique to Japanese culture, we added a little playfulness to these tabi shoes to make them fun and easy to wear, even in everyday modern life. FUMFUM is footwear made for parents to show their omotenashi spirit to their child.

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2017 3rd session Award for Products
Three colors (Green, Yellow, Blue)
JPY2,759 (excluding tax)