Gannegurinosato (Yamaguchi)

“Kurikinton” are mashed Japanese chestnuts typically served on New Year’s Day. Gannekuriemon is a kurikinton made with “ganne-guri,” a chestnut variety that is large in size and grown in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Ganne-guri has a strong aroma like “yamaguri” wild chestnut and is known for its sweetness and smooth texture. Gannekuriemon is made by processing the chestnuts within 24 hours of harvesting so as to retain their original flavor. Other than a small portion of sugar used for preservation purposes, they are made only with chestnuts. You can feel its weight on your hand and enjoy the rich aroma and the simple sweetness of the chestnuts. This product, which was brought to life from the passion of the grower who has dedicated all his life to produce an ultimate ganne-guri, offers a luxurious, sophisticated flavor that sets it apart from other kurikinton.

Winner’s Voice

The name of our chestnut – “ganne” – is derived from our local place-name, which we feel very proud of. In the hopes of broadly promoting ganne-guri, we have created this kurikinton infused with the flavors and sweetness of ganne chestnuts. We hope you enjoy its simple yet sophisticated taste achieved by only using chestnuts and sugar.




2017 5th session Award for Products
Net weight
JPY800 / piece
JPY2,593 / set of 3
*All excluding tax