FUKUIDO CO.,LTD. (Okayama)

TATSUJI TSUTSUMIMONO is a Japanese style sweet: it’s made from a milky bean paste filling flavored with savory soy sauce from a renowned local manufacturer and wrapped in a fluffy bun. Fukuido, an established Japanese confectioner founded in 1871, has coupled this delectable treat with beautiful Bizen dishware, the famous traditional ceramics originating from the local Bizen area, to create a unique teatime set that allows you to enjoy Japanese culture and tradition through both the eyes and palate. The unglazed Bizen ware will change color and texture with use over time – what Japanese people would call “nurturing a dish.” The distinctive set is representative of the Japanese spirit of valuing everyday goods for a long time and enjoying their transformation over the years.

Winner’s Voice

Our products are carefully handmade and inspected with our own eyes right up until they are shipped to our customers. We put the utmost care and attention into our products every step of the way, as this is our style of omotenashi.



2017 1st session Award for Products
Approx. 5cmΦx1.5cm (height)
Approx. 23cm×23cm×9cm
Tatsuji Tsutsumimono JPY,97(excluding tax)
Tatsuji Tsutsumimono with Bizenyaki JPY,8000(excluding tax)