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Emura Shouten CO., LTD.(Kyoto)

A glass plate made with Kyoto’s Nishijin textile that brightens up the dining table

NISHIJINNOUTSUWA (Nishijin plate) is made by inserting Kyoto’s Nishijin textile, which has flourished in Japan’s weaving culture, between glass and EVA resin. Aspiring to hand down the weaving technology for uses other than in kimono, a artisans developed a new technique: creating a plate by coating one side of a textile’s surface with transparent glass and the other side with resin. While the transparent glass surface lets you enjoy a brilliant and sensitive beauty of Nishijin textile realized by interweaving threads of various colors, the back is processed with resin to prevent shattering of broken glass pieces, thus achieving not only a beautiful look but also a piece that is both safe and functional. It is also a perfect product to decorate your home that lets you feel the charm of Japan’s traditional woven fabric and kimono culture.

Winner’s Voice

What we really want to do is not to simply sell products but to spread the charm of Japan’s traditional industry and technology around the world through our products. We will continue to make efforts with our omotenashi spirit in conveying the greatness of Japan so that more people become enthusiastic fans of our country.

Emura Shouten CO., LTD.
2017 2nd session Regional Brand Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Square plate
Long plate
Round plate
7 colors
JPY4,950~(excluding tax)